For the past ten years, neo-farmers have been attacking vineyards and terroirs to reinvent wine, rejecting chemical inputs, intensive production and rigid appellations. Out of the ordinary, crazy, free, their “natural” wines are to wine what punk was to the rock scene: a revolution.


Embark on a crazy road movie. During the day, you’ll meet these personalities in the countryside and suck rocks to understand the taste of the land. At night, you’ll drink a toast at an improbable village party…


A series that approaches the world of wine as we like it: accessible, festive, protesting and united. From Georgia to Germany via the Balearic Islands, in a format designed for the web, discover the most singular “winarchists” of the time and for the first time “listen” to their wines.


Hey ho, let’s go!


In co-production with ARTE France, with the support of the CNC and Pictanovo.


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