Connected Walls


25 years after the physical fall of the Berlin Wall, 41 separation walls still divide entire populations. Every ten days, two film crews, each composed of two directors living on each side of these walls, pose a challenge: the co-directing of short documentaries, on subjects imposed by Internet users. 2 walls, 2 film crews and you!


A co-production by IKO (formerly Piw!) and Grizzly Films, with the support of the CNC, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Scam.


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Dublin Web Fest

Web Program Festival

Millenium Festival

Liege Web Fest

Buenos Aires Web Fest

Montreal Web Fest



Best Transmedia Project – Dublin Web Fest

Best web-documentary – Millenium Festival

Best Belgian Transmedia Project – Liege Web Fest

Mejor Director Documental – Buenos Aires Web Fest

Mejor Serie Documental – Buenos Aires Web Fest

Grand Prix du Jury – Montreal Web Fest